Grain Bagging and Extractor Machines  - FOR HIRE
Gaffy's hires quality, Australian-made and international grain inloading and outloading machines which are easy to operate and tow behind any vehicle.


Seed & Forage Bagger
Suitable for use with 9ft grain bags
We have two available.

This 9ft filling/inloading machine is Australian-made and designed in Australia to suit Australian farming conditions. The machine is used to push the grain directly into the bag using an auger technique.

Bag stretching can be controlled by adjustment  of the hydraulic brakes and the machines advances slowly as the bag is filled. The 9ft tunnel is suitable for use with 60m, 75m and 90m bags.

The bag tensioner has an over-centre lever (others have chain), meaning that one man can operate the machine. With the lever you can set the machine once and leave it, whereas chains have to be set all of the time.


The machine is PTO driven (540mm) and has a high capacity filling auger which operates at 220T+ per hour.

View a video of the Seed & Forage Bagger in use during Harvest.

Richiger EA250 Outloader
Suitable for use with 9ft grain bags


The market-leading Richiger outloaders are known for their rugged operability combined with unsurpassed performance, speed and  ease of use.

These outloaders are different from other grain bag unloading equipment as they rely on a hydraulic motor to smoothly and automatically pull the tractor unloader at a stable pace.

They are designed to be taken along roads into fields and to be able to switch between work and  transport positions in less than a minute.


View a video of the Richiger EA250 Outloader in use during Harvest.