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Machinery Hire

All machinery is hired on a daily rate.


Our machinery is available at short notice and this flexibility means jobs can be finished on time.

*NEW* 10 Foot Grader Blade

*NEW* Jadan Big Square Bale Stacker

The Jandan Big Square Bale Stacker will pick bales in any direction and features heavy duty floatation tyres, adjustable drawbar tongue, and wet bale kit.

*NEW* Amazone Fertiliser Spreader

The Amazone Fertiliser Spreader has a 3000 litre capacity. It has twin disc spreaders and OM 24 to 36 spreader disc.

*NEW* Bunnings Manure Spreader

The Bunnings Manure Spreader has a 14 cubic metres capacity with hydraulic floor, hydraulic slurry door and twin vertical augers.


It spreads cow, pig and chook manure, and compost —with the increasing cost of fertilisers, farmers find it cost-effective to be able to use the manure produced by their cows.

Yeoman's Deep Ripper

The Yeoman's Deep Ripper has seven tyne and a crumble roller.

5m K-Line Speed Tiller

The 5m K-Line Speed Tiller is now available for hire. The large scalloped disks and heavy guage roller will leave your ground prepped for sowing.

*NEW* 24-run Davimac DF Drill

24-run Davimac direct drills which are equipped with backer boots and disc coulters for direct seeding into trash and over-sowing pastures.The drill has a 12 foot sowing width. 

Amazone Multi-Disc

Multi-discs for ground preparation are also available for hire.


The Amazone multi-disc is 3 metres wide with a cage roller, and is perfect for clearing a paddock of weeds, particularly if the farmer had not been able to burn them off.


The multi-disc can travel at 15 km/hour and leaves a smoother seed bed compared to an offset disc.

Heavy Duty 10ft Gason Slasher

This 10ft heavy duty slasher is also available for hire.

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