Silage & Hay Wrap Products
Our range of hay and silage products are the latest and most innovative options to maintain the quality of your products when stored on-farm.

Silage Pit Covers

PitCover is manufactured to International Quality Standards and designed to provide maximum protection for silage pits. It offers dual layers of high quality material which give additional strength and resistance against tears and punctures, The covers reflect heat and offer a 12 month guarantee against UV degradation.

Baler NetWrap

With the Farmer's e2e Netwrap, the same raw material is used to manufacture the whole net. Therefore the tape elasticity is consistent and a totally uniform net spreads across the whole bale.

Baler Twine

Farmer's Yellow Diamond Baler Twine is from UPU in the UK. It is a high quality, high knot strength twine suitable for large square bales.

Silaflex Silage Wrap

Farmer's Silaflex is a coex 3 layer 25um film designed for the demanding needs of modern silage bale applications. Silaflex exhibits a good combination of medium stiffness with excellent impact tear and puncture resistance.

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